Kodak Ektar H35 – Reliving Nostalgia In Me

My memory of my childhood is somehow considered “Childhood Amnesia”. I do not remember many personal milestones or achievements I had when I was young. As for photography, I remember I used a film camera before during a family outing or two. I also know it was an autofocus point-and-shoot film camera but I noContinue reading “Kodak Ektar H35 – Reliving Nostalgia In Me”

XF18-120mm – Meet The “Worst” Lens of 2022

If you are aware, DPReview TV has done it again. Yes, this is the second time DPReview commented that the Fujifilm XF lens is not sharp, and unfortunately, XF18-120mm f4 is that lens. The first one was back in 2020 and they commented that the XF50mm f1 was soft. In DPReview TV, they have thisContinue reading “XF18-120mm – Meet The “Worst” Lens of 2022″

Is X-H2S Priced Right?

X-summit Omiya 2022 has come and gone. It was an announcement of something we have expected and something that we are unexpected. Thanks to the hints from the previous X-summit and rumors websites, we are pretty much prepared for gears such as X-H2S, XF18-120mm, and XF150-600mm to be announced in this X-summit and truly, theyContinue reading “Is X-H2S Priced Right?”

X-E4: Minimalism = Limitation?

Is minimalism equal to limitation? In a way, yes. Minimalism is by keeping things as simple as possible, limited yet still functioning as what it suppose to be. In this case, X-E4 has done it and did it right. It has the most minimalistic design Fujifilm has ever created. The design is a bold move.Continue reading “X-E4: Minimalism = Limitation?”

XF23mm f1.4 R – is the Classic still worth buying in 2022?

After three months of delay, the successor of the classic XF23mm f1.4 R has finally arrived on our shore this month. While the price of the newly launched lens is priced at USD 900, the predecessor is easily available between USD 600 to 700~ ish. Is it worth saving the $200 ~ $300 difference? InContinue reading “XF23mm f1.4 R – is the Classic still worth buying in 2022?”

My Top 12 Most Favorite Photos in 2021

2021 comes and goes. In this pandemic year, I have gained quite fruitful experiences. In this year, I have a total of 22 posts, 11 of them are reviews of camera gears and lenses. All thanks to the opportunities given by Mr. Keitaro So, Divisional Head of Fujifilm, and Cles Distribution of Tamron Singapore andContinue reading “My Top 12 Most Favorite Photos in 2021”

What will be the future for the legendary 35mm?

As we all know, the XF35mm F1.4 is probably one of the legendary lenses in Fujifilm 10 years of X-series. Most of the Fujifilm photographers who use it, love it and praise it. So am I. The noisy focusing motor can be easily forgiven by the impressive results coming out from the optical magic thatContinue reading “What will be the future for the legendary 35mm?”

The Art of Balancing Bokeh

Bokeh is derived from a Japanese word “ぼけ” (Boke). In case someone don’t know, it is referring to the out-of-focus blur background/foreground created. It is often used to separate unwanted thing from the subject you wish to present in your photos. Japanese photographers also often use “Tama bokeh” means round/ball bubbly bokeh and “Mae bokeh”Continue reading “The Art of Balancing Bokeh”