Little India – FFB Midweek Photowalk

Another week another Photowalk. In fact, it is just 4 days apart from the preview Photowalk. This is organized by Ivan Joshua Loh. For the first time ever, this Photowalk falls on a weekday, Wednesday. Thanks to the Fujifanboys, the weekday turnup rate is very high. To make things interesting, there is also a smallContinue reading “Little India – FFB Midweek Photowalk”

XF56mm f1.2 WR – Almost There. Almost Perfect

TLDR This is one of Fujifilm’s finest and best optical lenses that Fuji fanboys and fangirls should consider owning. Especially if you do not own any portrait lenses and plan to get one, you may consider this gem. I know it’s not a cheap lens, so save up the money and aim for this one.Continue reading “XF56mm f1.2 WR – Almost There. Almost Perfect”

Exploring Potong Pasir with Fujifanboys Photowalk

This is the first FFB photowalk in 2023. In this photowalk, we are happy to collab with Mezame from Zhiyun and Momotaru. Also, thank Mr. Iwata and Jasper from Fujifilm Singapore for attending this wonderful photowalk. Once again, we would like to special thanks to Fujifilm Singapore, Zhiyun, Boundary Supply, and Momotaru for sponsoring thisContinue reading “Exploring Potong Pasir with Fujifanboys Photowalk”

SmallRig Retro Handheld Cage Kit for Fujifilm X-T5 

I thank Ivan Joshua Loh from Fujifanboys for lending me this handheld cage for a short review. Before I begin, allow me to clarify, I am not a videographer so I cannot speak about how good the handling of this product is while filming. What I will share is my first impression of it, myContinue reading “SmallRig Retro Handheld Cage Kit for Fujifilm X-T5 “

Viltrox 75mm f1.2 – The First Pro

When I first saw the teaser post from Fuji rumors, my impression was that this is going to be hot selling one within the Fujifilm community if it is priced right. And the turn out to be quite true. At the price of 549 USD, Viltrox priced it so attractively and it sold out immediatelyContinue reading “Viltrox 75mm f1.2 – The First Pro”

Rokinon 35mm f1.2 – Surprisingly . Good .

One fine day, Ivan posted the Rokinon deal on the Fujifanboys Facebook group. It was Rokinon 85mm f1.4 and it was quite a good deal at about 68 SGD (51 USD) or less. I was not tempted somehow. A moment later, Ivan posted yet another Rokinon deal and it was shared by Rayz Lee (aContinue reading “Rokinon 35mm f1.2 – Surprisingly . Good .”

TTArtisan 50mm Tilt f1.4 – Tilting My Point Of View

I think TTArtisan loves “50mm” a lot. They have lots of choices for this mid-telephoto focal length. TTArtisan has the brightest 50mm, the most compact 50mm variants, and now they have introduced the 4th “50mm” and it has the most distinctive function among all their lenses; the tilt function. Similar to the compact 50mm, thisContinue reading “TTArtisan 50mm Tilt f1.4 – Tilting My Point Of View”

My Favorite Photos in 2022

The year 2022 was another fruitful year for me. Of the 28 posts I have posted this year, 21 are reviews of camera gears and lenses. I also had a small achievement by getting 100k views on this blog this year (A big thank you, everyone!). It is challenging to juggle my job, photo shoots,Continue reading “My Favorite Photos in 2022”

XF30mm f2.8 – Fuji’s Smallest Macro Lens

XF30mm f2.8 R LM WR macro, I will call it XF30mm f2.8 here, was first teased in Fujifilm X Summit Omiya 2022 and then finally announced together with X-T5 on the Fujifilm X Summit Tokyo 2022. This lens also marked the “last of 10th anniversary of X mount” released in 2022. Before I share further,Continue reading “XF30mm f2.8 – Fuji’s Smallest Macro Lens”

FunLeader Caplens 18mm f8 Pro – Always Ready To Shoot

We all know the function and purpose of a camera rear body cap. It is to cover and protect the sensor when it is not in use. That’s simple. Some of us might even be aware of some interesting body caps such as Fujifilm XM-FL 24mm, 7artisans 18mm f6.3, or other pinhole body cap lenses.Continue reading “FunLeader Caplens 18mm f8 Pro – Always Ready To Shoot”