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FunLeader Caplens 18mm f8 Pro – Always Ready To Shoot

We all know the function and purpose of a camera rear body cap. It is to cover and protect the sensor when it is not in use. That’s simple. Some of us might even be aware of some interesting body caps such as Fujifilm XM-FL 24mm, 7artisans 18mm f6.3, or other pinhole body cap lenses.Continue reading “FunLeader Caplens 18mm f8 Pro – Always Ready To Shoot”

X-H2 – The best of what APS-C can be (Part II)

4 months later, here comes the second flagship camera from Fujifilm, the X-H2. Every camera manufacturer usually releases one flagship camera to showcase the state-of-the-art technologies that they offer. But this is not the case for Fujifilm, they have a different approach, instead of releasing one flagship camera, they release two flagship cameras. Come toContinue reading “X-H2 – The best of what APS-C can be (Part II)”

Photo Trip in Melaka

This is my first time travelling oversea with a group of photography enthusiasts. It’s a short 2 days 2 nights photo trip in Melaka (also known as Malacca), Malaysia. To make this happens, Fujifilm Singapore organized together with Fujifilm Malaysia and a photography community called Photojam. This is my first oversea trip since Covid-19 andContinue reading “Photo Trip in Melaka”

Laowa 10mm f4 Cookie – The Modestly Priced Compact Ultra-wide lens

Usually, for the same focal length, there are basically 2 paths for making it. The first one is to make with better optic, faster, brighter and premium price tagged lens. The second one is to make a smaller, compact and wisely priced lens. And this Laowa 10mm f4 is the later one. Laowa Lenses (alsoContinue reading “Laowa 10mm f4 Cookie – The Modestly Priced Compact Ultra-wide lens”

Is X-H2S Priced Right?

X-summit Omiya 2022 has come and gone. It was an announcement of something we have expected and something that we are unexpected. Thanks to the hints from the previous X-summit and rumors websites, we are pretty much prepared for gears such as X-H2S, XF18-120mm, and XF150-600mm to be announced in this X-summit and truly, theyContinue reading “Is X-H2S Priced Right?”

TTArtisan 50mm f0.95 – The Fastest Lens Again

Before anything else, I would like to thank TTArtisan for sending this lens for my review. I appreciate their support to make this post a reality. Intro While I am still waiting for the TTArtisan first-ever autofocus lens available for X-mount, TTArtisan decided to surprise everyone with the first-ever f0.95 extreme fast lens. I wroteContinue reading “TTArtisan 50mm f0.95 – The Fastest Lens Again”

TTArtisan 17mm f1.4: The Economical Ultra-wide Angle Lens

Due to my work and other personal commitment, this short lens review takes me quite a while to write and share. Here is the review: I win the TTArtisan 17mm f1.4 over an online photography competition early this year. Coincidentally, this lens completes the uncostly quaternity lenses of my Fujifilm camera setup. Together with theContinue reading “TTArtisan 17mm f1.4: The Economical Ultra-wide Angle Lens”

The Last Photowalk Before The Start of CB Phase 2 (HA) Again

Singapore has entered Circuit Breaker Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) again due to the rise of Delta variant in multiple new clusters. Fortunately, the Fujifans managed to meet up for a morning photowalk. Over here, I will not disclose what Fujifilm camera I am using. You can make a guess and comment down below. All photosContinue reading “The Last Photowalk Before The Start of CB Phase 2 (HA) Again”

The Art of Balancing Bokeh

Bokeh is derived from a Japanese word “ぼけ” (Boke). In case someone don’t know, it is referring to the out-of-focus blur background/foreground created. It is often used to separate unwanted thing from the subject you wish to present in your photos. Japanese photographers also often use “Tama bokeh” means round/ball bubbly bokeh and “Mae bokeh”Continue reading “The Art of Balancing Bokeh”

It has been awhile…

I have stopped posting for 3 months due to work, hobby and family. Here are my updates. I have been shooting on the street more often from the start of “Circuit Breaker” phase 2. After months of staying at home, carrying my Fuji cameras around Singapore to fulfil my shutter therapy is awesome. You canContinue reading “It has been awhile…”

Budget & Camera

Buying camera is never an easy task to being with. Of course, if budget is not an issue, you can purchase what you want off the shelf from the store immediately. But there are still a group of people who are more cautious about money spending, especially for the young one, be it a studentContinue reading “Budget & Camera”

Which camera suits you?

Every now and then, there will be some friends asking me about what camera to get. A gear that is able to get beautiful shot of their lovely subjects. I am glad they approached me to help them with making their decisions. I hope I can assist them to understand what they need before spendingContinue reading “Which camera suits you?”

My Stay Home Series

“In view of the COVID-19, Singapore Prime Minister first announced the “Circuit Breaker” (CB) measures in 3rd April 2020 that kicked in four days later and last for a month, forcing people to stay at home and work from home at much as possible in effort to limit the virus’ spread. While there are manyContinue reading “My Stay Home Series”

My First X100

X100 was announced back in Photokina 2010. Lots of praise from the media and online reviewers. Fujifilm nailed the design of the retro-style enthusiast rangefinder camera with traditional analogue control dials. It was a great hit and instantly built up a large pool of fans base. I am one of them but…  Here’s the “but”…Continue reading “My First X100”

X-E3 and Me

Before I shared about my encounter with X-E3, X-E2 was the first that caught my attention in the X-E lineup. From the official images, it was a very sleek, beautifully designed retro style rangefinder camera. I thought it was as big as X-Pro series and without an OVF. Until I saw the online reviews, thenContinue reading “X-E3 and Me”

I. Me. Myself.

Hello to all readers! I am a 37 years old Engineer, a Husband, an  fanboy and a Fuji Fanboy from Singapore. In this blog, I will share my opinions and my views across various electronic products. Cut the long story short, I will just share my love journey with Fujifilm. I always tell peopleContinue reading “I. Me. Myself.”

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