Is X-H2S Priced Right?

X-summit Omiya 2022 has come and gone. It was an announcement of something we have expected and something that we are unexpected.

Thanks to the hints from the previous X-summit and rumors websites, we are pretty much prepared for gears such as X-H2S, XF18-120mm, and XF150-600mm to be announced in this X-summit and truly, they did. Under development XF56mm f1.2 MK II was also finally announced on stage. The statement was sort of confirming what the rumors websites had been suggesting. Of course, I am excited about this piece of the announcement and I can’t wait to get the lens in my hand.

The unexpected announcement, at least to me, is the XF8mm f3.5 and XF30mm f2.8 macro. Fuji hits 2 of my favorites spots; ultra-wide lens and macro lens. I think I will own them some days but I guess I have to prioritize my wishlist first.

*In case you wonder, I am not a G.A.S person and I am not the person who love to buy and sell gears.

Back to the topic, after the price of the X-H2S was announced. A lot of comments flooding the online community. The comments that caught my eyes the most are “X-H2S priced evenly to Canon R6 and Sony A7 IV. Is the price worth it? For this price, I rather go for full-frame.” And many similar statements were made.

Well, if you want to make a comparison, there is no end to comparing this and that. People will always find justification to uphold their judgment. Of course, there is no right or wrong. It is just an individual opinion.

I bring back the comparison on pricing earlier: as Fujifilm indicated that X-H2S is a flagship camera model, so technically we should compare X-H2S with all other flagship models such as Canon R3, Sony A1, Nikon Z9, and OM System OM-1. What is common they all have are stacked BSI sensors. Instead, the comments suggest comparing X-H2S with A7 IV and R6, just because they are in the same price bracket. So is that a fair comparison?

Oftentimes, people might be forgotten to weigh the overall “price” to pay. Because when you are buying a camera, you are buying the ecosystem of that system which includes lenses and accessories. So depending on individual needs, the overall “price” to pay for brand “A” ecosystem might be even more expensive than that of brand “B”. So as a smart consumer/prosumer/professional, I believe one knows how to weigh it. Unless one is too loaded and spending one after another ecosystem means nothing much in his bank, I think you can ignore my statement.

I shall end here and I believe you can understand my point here. Of course, I can further make many comparisons here and there but I cannot find the justification for doing so. Like I mentioned early, there is no end in comparison. My philosophy is simple, buy an ecosystem that can make you go out and enjoy shooting with it.

All in all, I have to highlight that I am not against other camera formats. Rather this is my personal view/opinion on the term “comparision”. Again, is X-H2S priced right?

2 thoughts on “Is X-H2S Priced Right?”

  1. I completely agree with you. A camera is much more than its sensor. Brands such as Canon, Nikon and Sony have always accustomed their customers to the professional segment being made of full-frame models, reserving the APS-C for the amateur/enthusiast segment. But Fuji (and also Olympus and Lumix) came to change that paradigm.

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