X-E4: Minimalism = Limitation?

Is minimalism equal to limitation? In a way, yes. Minimalism is by keeping things as simple as possible, limited yet still functioning as what it suppose to be. In this case, X-E4 has done it and did it right. It has the most minimalistic design Fujifilm has ever created. The design is a bold move.Continue reading “X-E4: Minimalism = Limitation?”

XF33mm F1.4: The “epic” lens for the next decade

Before all else, I would like to thank Mr. Keitaro So, Divisional Head of Fujifilm for providing the loan for X-E4 and XF33mm F1.4. The units were loaned from Fujifilm Asia Pacific and had returned back to them. Disclaimer:1. All the shots taken here are shot by me.2. Some of the shots are straight out of theContinue reading “XF33mm F1.4: The “epic” lens for the next decade”