What will be the future for the legendary 35mm?

As we all know, the XF35mm F1.4 is probably one of the legendary lenses in Fujifilm 10 years of X-series. Most of the Fujifilm photographers who use it, love it and praise it. So am I. The noisy focusing motor can be easily forgiven by the impressive results coming out from the optical magic that it has and of course, its compact size. My only regret is that I should have get this lens sooner than any other lenses. The price of this F1.4 lens is not as expensive as the other F1.4 lenses. So if budget is not an issue, I always recommend this lens to anyone who wants to own their first prime lens. Otherwise, it’s younger sibling, XC35mm F2.

Fuji X-T3 . XF35mm F1.4 . @35mm . F2.8 . 1/640″ . ISO 160
Fuji X-T3 . XF35mm F1.4 . @35mm . F2 . 1/320″ . ISO 800

Today, we know that everyone is desperately wanting for the MK II of this glass. Whenever there is a Fujifilm X Summit, everyone is hoping for Fujifilm to release some form of news or teaser. Yet, Fujifilm chooses to stay silent about it.

In this article, I am based on rumors and some observations from Fujifilm strategy, I will be sharing my thought of what this MK II lens will be like. So, please take this article as a pinch of salt.

First, let’s talk about rumors. Early this year, the popular Fujifilm rumors site, Fujirumors.com, has shared a piece of news stating that there will be an XF33mm F1.4. When I read this headline, I have this thought in my mind; We all know that Fujifilm has dropped the development of the XF33mm F1 and change to XF50mm F1. Despite that, it seems that Fujifilm has not given up the 33mm focal length at all. If this XF33mm F1.4 is true, then this lens will come with new optical formula (or probably a revised version of the F1 “predecessor”?), equips with better focusing technology, and probably larger in lens size too (compare to XF35mm F1.4). Does that mean there will no longer be an MK II of the XF35mm F1.4? My guess is that it is not going to replace the XF35mm F1.4 but rather sell along with the XF35mm F1.4 (MK II?).

Fuji X-T3 . XF35mm F1.4 . @35mm . F2 . 1/125″ . ISO 2000

Secondly, let’s discuss the Fujifilm strategy so far. We know that Fujifilm has recently released 2 MK II lenses. They are XF10-24mm F4 WR OIS WR and XF27mm F2.8 R WR. What do they have in common? They are using the same optical formula as their predecessors and added with some upgrades. Catch my theory? I suspect Fujifilm will use the same optical formula for the XF35mm F1.4 MK II and introduce WR and probably some upgrades to go along with. I think this strategy will work and will please most of the XF35mm F1.4 lovers. Because most of the XF35mm F1.4 owners share to me that their most concern is that Fujifilm might lose that magical mojo with its success

Fuji X-E3 . XF35mm F1.4 . @35mm . F2 . 1/180″ . ISO 400
Fuji X-E3 . XF35mm F1.4 . @35mm . F2 . 1/60″ . ISO 500
Fuji X-E3 . XF35mm F1.4 . @35mm . F9 . 1/900″ . ISO 200

If everything mentioned in this article is true in the future, then I think this is a good move from Fujifilm. While they get to keep their fans happy with the newly upgraded XF35mm F1.4, they can also comfy engineer a new piece of glass of a very similar focal length to target new photographers.

Fuji X-E3 . XF35mm F1.4 . @35mm . F4.5 . 1/80″ . ISO 640
Fuji X-E3 . XF35mm F1.4 . @35mm . F2.8 . 1/80″ . ISO 320
Fuji X-T3 . XF35mm F1.4 . @35mm . F1.4 . 1/4700″ . ISO 160

Thank you for reading.

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