Kodak Ektar H35 – Reliving Nostalgia In Me

My memory of my childhood is somehow considered “Childhood Amnesia”. I do not remember many personal milestones or achievements I had when I was young. As for photography, I remember I used a film camera before during a family outing or two. I also know it was an autofocus point-and-shoot film camera but I noContinue reading “Kodak Ektar H35 – Reliving Nostalgia In Me”

Fuji Fanboys 2nd Annual Best of Show Exhibition

Early this year, the biggest Fuji Fanboy, Ivan Joshua Loh, had organized the “Best of Show” Exhibition in it’s 2nd year. This is an interesting exhibition, there is no theme or genre at all. Be it landscape, cityscape, sports, macro, fashion, foods or portraits. He has only one rule and it has to be “Fujifilm”Continue reading “Fuji Fanboys 2nd Annual Best of Show Exhibition”