FujiFanBoys Presents: Strobe Photography Workshops!

All thanks to Ivan and all the main sponsors to make this workshop happened! This is a good opportunity for many photographers who want to explore and learn more with strobe photography, Profoto lights, Eizo monitor, the cable from Tether tools and hands-on with the newly launched X-H2. A total of 3 sessions were organized with 90mins per session and I participated in the first session.

Preparation in progress…
Adjusting the light.

It’s a simple workshop. Ivan started off with a small sharing session together with Profoto and Eizo representatives. Explaining his workflow with strobes and the tools around it. Also explaining what is his preferences with the shots.

Model: Phun

After all the explanations, the hands-on session commenced. Every photographer takes turn to explore shooting model with the strobes set-up.

He is very happy with the shoot begins…
End of 90 minutes session, Ivan is “welcoming” us off.

Thank you for reading.

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