The First Ever FujiFanBoys Photo Walk

I have organized quite a few small groups of photo walk for the past 2 years but this is the first photo walk organized under the name of FujiFanBoys Facebook Group. I am excited because this is my first attempt to organize with Ivan Joshua Loh with such a huge group size together. In case you wonder, this is a whopping 40 pax group size.

Not only that, we have lens support from 5 amazing brands: Fujifilm, Sigma, Tamron, TTArtisan and Voigtländer. Really appreciate their kind support!

This first walk is not an easy one, to begin with, the weather decides to rain heavily in the morning. Instead of starting photo walking at 8:45am, we delay it an hour later. Now come to think of it, the rain actually gives us a good opportunity to mingle around with the group before the walk.

Morning coffee before the photo walk
Briefing commences…
Have a can of beer before the photo walk starts.
Hello to Otter from Zouk Otter Family

Despite the rainy morning, I am glad that the majority of the FujiFanBoys and FanGirls choose to turn up for the walk! Hope we will arrange another one soon!

Photo by Jere of Fujifilm.
Thank you to Sean for taking this portrait shot of me with the new X-H2S and XF18-120mm

Thank you for reading.

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