A Lazy Street Photography

I was at City Hall and was having a coffee time with a friend. Then I decided to meet my wife at Vivo city for a dinner. As usual, I love to see things while commuting, so I choose to commute by bus than train.

While on my way to the destination, I saw some nice street spots for street photography. I have the intention to alight from the bus and do some quick snaps. But based on my experience, I am surely late if I do it. So to avoid my wife waiting for me, I decided to shoot through the window while on the move. Surprisingly, not too bad. What do you think?

Did I mention my X100V is with me?

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1. All the shots taken here were shot by me.
2. I reserve ownerships to these images
, if you wish to use my images for whatever reasons, please notify me and we can see how to works thing out.

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