It has been awhile…

I have stopped posting for 3 months due to work, hobby and family. Here are my updates.

I have been shooting on the street more often from the start of “Circuit Breaker” phase 2. After months of staying at home, carrying my Fuji cameras around Singapore to fulfil my shutter therapy is awesome. You can see my instagrams as I am still actively sharing my photos.

Main instagram account

Portrait account

And so for my job, as an engineer, I need to travel around Singapore for projects. Bringing my X100V to work is quiet fulfilling as I get to take some photos while commuting.

More gathering with family and friends (with a limit of 5 pax) over a dinner has become more luxurious and we treasure every moment even more than ever.

During these 3 months, I have assist a friend to get his product video launch. I have also written a few articles for Fuji X Passion and FujiLove blogs. In the name of passion, I am happy to provide my hands and legs for my friend and also present my thoughts in their blogs.

Here are the link to the posts:

The joy of using Fuji’s film simulations

On the Street with 200mm

While blogging is not my primary hobby, but I will be progressively updating with new contents in this blog in the months to come.

Thank you.

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