I. Me. Myself.

Hello to all readers! I am a 37 years old Engineer, a Husband, an  fanboy and a Fuji Fanboy from Singapore. In this blog, I will share my opinions and my views across various electronic products.

Cut the long story short, I will just share my love journey with Fujifilm.

The first shot of Fujifilm X-2 in 2016.

I always tell people how Fujifilm brings back my passion for photography and how it makes me bring it out and shoot more. Why do I say that? I used to own a DSLR and also changed a few camera bodies before. But with each new camera body, I get lesser and lesser joy of bringing them out. The camera body and lenses were getting heavier and heavier each time I brought them out and eventually I lost interested in photography. Sounds silly but that’s the fact. 

My first encounter with Fujifilm was the launch of the X10 in 2012. It was a love at first sight. It was a joyful compact camera and it also introduced me to film simulations and the fun of using a rangefinder. But it did not make me bring it out for every occasion.

What brought me deep into Fujifilm was the X-T2.  

It brought me back my passion for photography. It made me look forward to every weekend to bring it out and shoot. I love the experience when I turn the dials, rotate the aperture and click the shutter. They have a sense of satisfaction. What’s more? An amazing result from the film simulation. It really helps me to spend more time on taking the photos than spending more time on post-processing. I still love to process the photos in RAW but if I need to deliver the photos immediately, I know I can give the SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) photos to family and friends.  

Do check out my Instagram profiles and you will know what genres I will be shooting… 

1. All the shots taken here were shot by me.
2. I reserve ownerships to these images
, if you wish to use my images for whatever reasons, please notify me and we can see how to works thing out.

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